Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Great Day

Have a Great Day, unless you've made other plans.

Sometimes the jokes in my inbox really hit home. A friend's email this morning contained the above quotation, reminding me that I am responsible for making my days great. So without concern for whether or not the carpenters would come today, off I went to the vegetable souk with a smile. This is Tayib. He always has a friendly smile, even when the women are trying to negotiate his price down. I visit him regularly for tomatoes, peppers, and carrots. Today he had green melons that smelled very sweet. My plan is to make melon frozen yogurt.

Another friendly face is the lemon seller. I must ask him his name. He works hard: I see him at the souk and also at night at the ferry landing during the week.

The little Egyptian lemons are packed with flavour. I bought 25 of them today (LE5 = less than $1) because the season is ending. I'll make lemon ice cubes so that I have a source when supplies are limited.

I laughed when this little lamb started to run away. Lamb on the run. His new owner had to hoof it to catch up.

And what could be more cute than a baby donkey?

The tea sellers work their way through the market providing refreshment to the vendors. One fellow carries the glasses (above the fray) while the other hauls a big kettle with the hot brew. Note that the glasses still have the sticker labels on them. I don't know if this is just an Egyptian practice or if it is more widespread, but I've been served many a drink with a stickered glass; I think because that shows that the glass is new and I am honoured.

Lots of colourful textiles were for sale in the souk today. Quite a stark contrast between the gallabeyyas worn at home and the black abeyyas (cloaks) worn outside.

Black and white. Married and on-the-threshold.

7:45PM UPDATE: Wanted to share the amazing afterglow of the June 1st sunset from our balcony. It's been a scorcher of a day: 43C and it remains toasty even after the Sun has passed beyond the western horizon.

8:45PM UPDATE: And now I have another spectacular view as the lighting engineers have the face of Qurna 'mountain' lit. Is it any wonder that I don't move much from my perch?

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