Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sweet Landing

An early morning surprise. At about 7:10AM 20 visitors landed in our 'backyard'. They put down on top of the green cane and were pulled into the harvest area by their ground crew.

The harvesting crew and their donkeys didn't take much notice of the alien landing -- I guess this happens all the time -- but I found it fascinating to watch the balloon being deflated and packed up for the next flight. The Time Traveller had already reported for cane duty and contributed the photo above.

I am happy because the first truck load of garlic appeared in the souk today. Finally! Good Egyptian garlic is readily available. This is the first of the harvest. In Cairo it has become impossible to find the good stuff because shopkeepers only stock the Chinese import. A disgrace, in my humble opinion. The mountain of bulbs inspires me to learn how to make those beautiful garlic braids that look so attractive in the kitchen. Stay tuned.

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