Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wake-Up and Smell the Cookies

Thankfully, the Time Traveller did materialize late last night - or rather very early this morning - having travelled through numerous time zones, delays, and rescheduled flights. After some 40 hours of treking, even the aroma of his signature cookie wafting from the kitchen did not motivate him out of bed . . . but eventually Cat did.

Our guest this morning was a Dark-capped Bulbul. He sang a lovely tune as he pecked at his reflection in our mirrored windows. Perhaps he came for the sunflower seeds in the cookies?


  1. ummm, the cookies look delicious. I can almost smell them here in Rome!

  2. Hi Larry! Make you a deal: I'll send you cookies, if you send me a bottle of vino della casa. ;-)