Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day with Stella

The Time Traveller and I returned to the rooftop of the Susanna Hotel to toast the day with a cold Stella and a good dinner. We enjoyed conversation with another resident of the West Bank who lives half the year in the Luxor and the other half in Denmark.

The sunset was beautiful on this warm February evening. No jackets required in the 20-degree Celsius heat -- even after sundown. The temperature rose above 30 during the day.

We had walked from our home to the Nile along a path with sugar cane to our left and bananas to our right. Egypt has been expanding its banana production in recent years. It is #19 among banana producing nations (India is #1).

Banana plants are so exotic. This photo is taken looking up into the flower.

We met the tilling crew who had worked the land beside our flat a week ago. Six men have covered a lot of territory in just a few days. And, of course, they were accompanied by several of their friends, the Cattle Egrets.

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