Saturday, February 20, 2010

Electrical Chorus

The electric stabilizers (protecting our computers, microwave, toaster, and frig) were singing quite a chorus this morning. Lots of spikes and dips in the power supply -- more than usual.

The pole in front of the building looks 'modern' enough but I noticed red tape tying a couple of the lines together. A bit of 'maleshery' me thinks.

On route to the local chicken store, I passed the same field that I photographed yesterday. I was surprised to see it burnt. They must have set it ablaze just after I took the photo of the men and the cane. I don't know how they contained the inferno to the patch of harvested field, leaving the rest of the crop and the building untouched.

Adding to my collection of Hajj wall paintings, this one caught my eye for its juxtaposition of the Kaaba and the Sacred Mosque with the scene of palm trees and village.

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