Monday, February 22, 2010

Resort Outing

On route to the Nile this morning we encountered a traffic jam.

But no road rage here. Everybody seemed quite content as we passed.

The donkeys belonged to the work crew cutting sugar cane. While the men in the background cut the cane at its base with a hatchet, the men in the foreground peel the leaves off the cut cane stalks. The burnt leaves will float as cinders onto our balconies in a day or so.

We met Tracy of Egypt Property Sales at her office in Luxor's hotel district. It seems that a lot of Brits come to Luxor on vacation and think about buying a place in the sun, so her office is conveniently located for her potential clients.

She took us to see a new development just south of the city. These residential 'hotel' complexes are common in Hurghada and along the North Coast, West of Alexandria, but this is a first for Luxor. The spectacular views certainly sell the units. Please note: I'm not on commission. ;-)


  1. The Spca would be after the donkey owners...I guess he is not enjoying the sugar. pmc

  2. Actually, these donkeys were in quite good condition -- but we have seen some sad, heart-wrenching cases. As the vet said: the problem here is not cruelty; the problem is ignorance. Check out the webpage of an NGO working in Luxor to teach farmers how to care for their animals: