Monday, February 1, 2010

Attention Shoppers!

Today was a banking/grocery-shopping day. I pass by this pharmacy and get a kick out of their offer of Viagra "VERY CHEAP" (their emphasis, not mine). I wonder how many tourists are attracted into the shop by this advert?


Pam said...

I assume that some of this blog will no doubt lead to food...yes..I look forward to experiencing all you journeys.

Harry said...

Trying to see if I can get this posted - see you in mid March for lunch - exactly how cheap is the Viagra!!!! Into our second snow storm - your not missing much at this end of the planet -

Harry said...

A Bedouin Truth
Miller 1995

The hot East desert wind
Sweeps down to the plateaus
Purifying claims to our past ~

We each have our place and time
To make momentary footprints
As offerings to the wind ~

We are all Bedouins of the desert.

AMOROMA said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I look forward to seeing Egypt (and the world) through your eyes! Larry

Shari said...

Hey Harry! Thanks so much for the gift of the poem. It's beautiful and it resonates.