Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hot Day in . . . February???!

With temperatures soaring above 35C (95F) this week, Cat found her own evaporative cooling system under the drying sheets. Meanwhile, the Time Traveller and I bicycled to the Qurna vegetable market.

Unlike some people, we parked our bikes at the entrance to the market area. The excitement of winding my way through the souk on 2 wheels is too much for me.

Note that although temperatures are rising, the eggs remain unrefrigerated. Even in the grocery store, the egg crates are stacked on the floor -- not in the refrigerator. So far, I remain healthy.

The child is color-coordinated with the guavas. Guava juice is yummy and healthy too. In fact, it is loaded with vitamins.

Further to yesterday's blog, the burnt earth was tilled today. Note all the white dots in the field: Cattle Egrets. Passing by the field this morning, I laughed at the sight of a parade of egrets walking in single file behind the tractor. John Deere meets the Pied Piper.

As promised, here is a photo of loaded cane wagons. I hope that before this year's harvest is complete I will be able to capture a photo of the engine that hauls these wagons to the factory in Armant, a town 15km to the south of here.

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