Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hamseen season arrived today with a vengeance. Hamseen means 'fifty' in Arabic and for the next 50 days we can expect fierce winds blowing loads of sand, dirt, and garbage eastwards. They won't blow every day but we shouldn't be surprised when they blow-up out of nowhere. It was a battle getting home from the ferry on my bike and I returned to find that two banana plants growing outside our flat had been blown down. Unfortunately, I bought a kilo of bananas at the souk so I have no use for the 10-12 kilos of green fruit on were on these two plants. As I write, the sky is orange with Sahara sand. I'm thankful to be indoors!

When I started out this morning for banking and shopping in the city, the weather was quite pleasant. I took a motor boat instead of the ferry and decided to begin a collection of delightful boat decorations.

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