Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hot and Cold

Temperatures remain high today. I was crazy enough to go for a bike ride at 11am. I bicycled past smoldering fields -- the same fields that were tilled yesterday and burnt the day before. So earth, air and I were one: hot!

Returning home I treated myself to homemade frozen strawberry yogurt. With such luscious fruit on the market I searched the Net for an easy strawberry ice cream recipe and instructions on how to make it without an ice cream maker. The result was delicious, but my conscious persuaded me to try exchanging the cream with yogurt on my next attempt. It, too, was yummy. Just a little more icy than the cream version. If you're interested, the recipe is found on I hope to experiment with other fruits as they come in season.

7P.M. Update: I so enjoy sitting on the balcony at night, stargazing with the chirping of a thousand crickets in the background. The lights of the city may be bright, but Orion shines through.

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