Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sweet Memories

oooooh! Memories are sweet!

I remember Royal Oak Dairy trucks delivering quarts of milk to our house and Mom buying milk tickets from the driver for my kindergarten recess.

I remember the foil labels that protected the cardboard pull-tabs on the glass milk bottles.

But I truly remember the treat of being taken to Stoney Creek Diary for ice cream! So I twisted (gently) my Dad's arm and he drove Mom and I along country roads and down "the Mountain" for dessert this evening.

Everything was deliciously familiar, from the list of 40+ flavours to the chocolate sundaes.

I could not resist ordering le pièce de résistance: the banana split. I figured I should go for it because it might be another 30 years before I indulge in another . . . but I hope not. Sweet dreams everyone!


Anonymous said...

I remember going there with friends in high school. The Brownie Sundae was to die for!!! Warm brownie, vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce. Now I have a craving!!


Shari said...

I think I may need to make another trip to try the Brownie Sundae. Thanks for the tip! I'll send the calories your way. ;-)