Friday, August 20, 2010

Festival Time

People in the homeland love a reason to get out and have fun during the summer and so a person can easily enjoy a different festival every weekend without driving far from home. My dear S-I-L invited me out for an evening in a nearby town.

Mounted police (not THE Mounted Police) were among the top attractions. It remains uncertain to me whether it was the steads or the uniforms that drew the crowds.

Few cacti could be spotted, leaving one to wonder at the event's raison d'etre. Well, quite simply, it gives the community an chance to have some fun. When the festival was conceived 35 years ago, the town was known as the Cactus Capital of the Universe thanks to a large cacti-growing operation owned by the Veldhuis family. That operation is long gone, but the festival lives on and everyone continues to have a good time.

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