Monday, August 9, 2010

Getting Organized

A beautiful guard met Mom and I at the storage room door this morning. The very elegant praying mantis was unconcerned by our presence.

Later in the afternoon two strapping youth (aka Nephew and Friend) helped me move the heavy stuff around as the rain began. I've seen a lot of the wet stuff recently. I do love driving in it. For some reason the sound of the windshield washers is very comforting to me.

Looking at this photo I realize how foreign this is from life in Luxor: the rain, the wide paved road, the spacious green easements, the traffic lights, and the cars in lanes. ;-)


Anonymous said...

And the same number of lanes of traffic as lanes painted on the road!


John said...

Did the mantis hitch a ride from Luxor??
I never thought of them as an indigenous Canadian species...