Saturday, August 28, 2010

Harbourfront Stroll

Dad took Mom and I down to the harbour for an afternoon stroll along Waterfront Trail. I had not seen this promenade when walking with the Time Traveller a week ago.

It was a glorious afternoon. We followed the sails for about 2km to Princess Point.

I was surprised at the numbers of cormorant now residing on the harbour. There must be plenty of fish to sustain such a large population.

Since arriving in the homeland I have been watching the sumac ripen. The leaves are just beginning to redden. I'm not sure if this is the same sumac used in Lebanese cooking. As a young camper I was taught how to make Indian tea with it. More research is required! Stay tuned.


John said...

"As a young camper I was taught how to make Indian tea with it."

And the accompanying cake is...??


Shari said...

hmmmm . . . it would need to be something with wild berries, I think. I'll be dreaming about the fruits of the forest tonight. "Frutti di bosco" is a favourite gelato flavour. mmmmmm Jump the pond, and come for tea!

John said... day - when I get the design for the Matter Transporter perfected...