Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Date at the Lake

The Time Traveller took me on a jaunt today to Port Burwell, on Lake Erie. As you can see, the lake was a bit choppy and it rained most of the time but we made the most of our visit.

We walked along the pier. We ate ice cream on the beach.

We climbed to the top of Canada's oldest lighthouse on the lake. It dates to 1840 and is constructed of thick pine beams that stretch its entire height (13.7 m). Those were the days when Ontario still had such towering trees. Actually, a lot of the ships that were guided by this network of lighthouses along the lake carried timber.

We chased Monarch butterflies that flitted among the clover beside the lake. They feasted on the nectar to energize themselves for their flight over the lake and their continued migration to Mexico. They were very shy -- they did not want their picture taken.

We feasted on fresh yellow perch caught this morning in the lake and mussels flown in from New Brunswick at the Galley Restaurant. Highly recommended! I wondered where they procured "Sicilia" lemon juice. It was just us and about 60 motorcyclists out on their "Schooner Porch" who were participating in a fundraiser for underprivileged children.

We got a little lost in Vienna* on our way home. But if we hadn't, we wouldn't have found this quaint rain drenched bridge over Otter Creek. Getting lost can be fun.

The day blossomed, just like the sedum in my M-I-L's garden.

*Note: Southwestern Ontario has a broad worldview. In addition to Vienna, it has Paris, London, Avon, Stratford, Scotland, Simcoe, Sparta, Corinth, Copenhagen, Melbourne and even Medina. It also had Berlin, whose name was changed to Kitchener to be politically correct during the War.

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John said...

...and 'Burwell' is the name of a village here in Cambridgeshire where I lived when I was a kid - but it didn't have a port !