Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ontario Market Day

Today Dad took Mom and I to the St. Jacob's Farmers Market. Beautiful vistas with miles of ripening corn fields lined the journey. The numbers of people at the market was comparable to my Qurna souk experiences. The numbers were understandable seeing all the fresh produce and quality meats.

My mouth was watering as we perused the mountains of pork products. Even when there were pigs in Egypt, I wouldn't see this quantity nor quality in any shop.

In addition to the pork, these signs should be exported to Luxor; but then again, no one would pay attention to them anyway. The area around the market is home to a number of Mennonite communities, hence the need to take care when driving.

Treated to lunch at the Cedar Barn diner I enjoyed the atmosphere, old tunes that I recognized, and several cups of their great coffee . . .

and indulged (again) in eggs benedict. Yum.

What a cheery day!

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  1. ummm...eggs benedict with REAL Canadian bacon!