Monday, September 6, 2010

To the Beach

Since "Port Dover" visits my blog frequently, I thought we should visit. The weather deterred a lot of potential Labour Day vacationers, so crowds were thin. Most wore leather. It seems that the town is popular with bikers even when it's not a Friday the 13th when thousands traditionally roar into town.

Some scenes haven't changed much since the 1950s when my Dad came here to fish. Transportation, however, has improved: we didn't need to fill the car's radiator once during today's journey.

Fresh fish remains a big draw. In the town's museum we read about 'fish wars' between Canada and the US in 1920s and I was surprised by photos of the huge fish caught in those days. I'm thankful that the perch and pickerel populations have increased in recent years.

I was treated to Port Dover's finest perch lunch, complete with the famous celery bread and marshmallow salad (I indulged the kid in me). Among the salads there was also very tasty pickled pumpkin. I hope to find a recipe and try to replicate its cinnamon flavour.

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