Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Growing Gills

It rained again today. I've seen so much rain recently that I think I'm growing gills so I decided to go with the flow and cook fish for dinner. Among Granny's cookbooks is one issued in 1915 by the Department of Naval Service "in the hope that it will come into the hands of many in whose homes fish as not yet become an important part of the diet of the household." (Preface) The book is by no means outdated; in fact, it seemed quite contemporary: "In these days when the cost of living has become such an important factor, it is necessary for the average housewife to give careful thought to providing for her table. The articles procured must not only be reasonably cheap, but they must be palatable and nourishing." (Fish as Food)

First I started the tomato sauce:
One-half can tomatoes (I used a whole can); one-half onion, minced; three peppers (I used only one). Stew these together ten minutes.

Then I steamed the whitefish with just salt, pepper, lemon juice and slices of onion as the book recommended.

While the fish was cooking I returned to the sauce:
Melt one tablespoonful butter, add one heaping tablespoonful flour, strain the tomato on to this. Cook till it thickens, and pour around fish.

It made a nice light meal, a century ago and this evening.

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John said...

Ah, if only fish didn't smell 'fishy' - maybe I could enjoy it...