Saturday, September 25, 2010

Che Sara Sara

Che sara sara translates colloquially as 'go with the flow', my guiding tenet. And lucky for me that tenet took me to my hometown's celebration of Culture Days.

Super Crawl drew thousands of folk to the city's central core, which has languished for that past few decades. Local artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries are upgrading the North End neighbourhood and making it a happening place once again.

The idea behind Culture Days is to build links between artists and their communities and so while two artists brought Michelangelo to a city street, kids nearby used big pieces of chalk to create their own masterpieces.

The event opened my eyes to the magnificence of the city's architecture. Christ's Church Cathedral, consecrated in 1842, shimmers with Decorated Gothic style windows. The soft rendering of each face lifts up a person's spirit at the sight of such beauty and such achievement.

I was amazed by the architectural gems that I had never noticed before. This detail adorns the Hamilton Brass Manufacturing Company building, built in 1873. Converted into shops and apartments, its ground floor has a great Italian coffee bar that also sells every type of espresso maker imaginable. I felt like a kid in a toy store!

Originally built in 1905 as the city's Orange Hall, this building's ground floor now houses the Vasco da Gama football/social club. The rampant rider is King William of Orange while the statue is Justice proclaiming "Justice for All".

Not wanting to overload the post, I include only a few images from my interesting afternoon. One never knows where life's journey is going to flow, but it's certainly an interesting ride!

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