Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Fall Fair

Harvest celebrations are happening everywhere and every weekend at least until Thanksgiving. We headed to the village of St. George today for their Applefest.

Apples could be bought in a number of fattening forms: candied, pied, frittered, and crisped.

The United Church congregation put on a lunch in their hall featuring soup, sandwich and apple crisp. Serving the food on china, rather than plastic or paper, plates was a nice touch. And they provided a carpet sample on each of the metal folding chairs so that patrons' buns stayed warm. Smart idea!

Our first stop: coffee. The Brown Dog Coffee Roastery & Frittery is housed in an old mill.

Great ambience. And the hot apple cider was deliciously warming.

Peeking into the kitchen I was surprised to see them making apple fritters from fresh ingredients. Having already ordered, I decided its worth another trip to St. George just to try this house specialty.

Along the highway a creative promotion entices people to next weekend's fair in a neighbouring community. Good times!

UPDATE: In case the photos above didn't entice you to visit St. George, a guest photographer shares some of his photos.

Coffee: morning nectar.

Hot chocolate is pretty good too.

Along the journey we spotted a beautiful bellfry in Lyndon. We spotted a similar bell with its giant pulley-wheel in the church in St. George. I was fascinated by these century-old constructions but couldn't get a photo no matter how I tried. Dad caught this one belonging to St. George United.

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  1. The candied apples and the apple crisp have my mouth watering! Ummm, your pictures are good enough to eat!