Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thank You, Mr. Uli

Dad introduced me to the "Rail Trail" with a 7km walk this morning. Perhaps he thought the hike would do me good after weeks of fruit pies? I wonder. In any case, we had a great hike along the old CN rail bed as it climbed the "Mountain". The grade is easy on account of the double-locomotives that had to pull the cars up the hill; nonetheless I'm sure to feel my leg muscles tomorrow!

I don't know Mr. Uli but I applaud his altruistic spirit. He created 305 stone steps that connect the "Rail Trail" with the "Bruce Trail" and the Mountain.

Government bureaucrats consider them unsafe. I think they're beautiful and much more of a pleasure to climb than the incongruous metal staircase that had the approval of the city's lawyers. Whoever you are Mr. Uli, "Thank you".

Only a few plants heralded the approach of Winter. Brrrrrrrrrr. Single digit temperatures are forecast for tonight.

The depth and vibrancy of colour caused my optic nerve to quiver.

Several types of berry lined the trail. Uncertain of their poisonous quotient, I did not collect any for a pie. ;-)

Bushes with tiny orchid-like flowers also decorated the trail.

I was enamored by everything we saw and came home with 49 pictures, in addition to wobbly thighs.

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  1. Where are you? This can't be Canada!?