Saturday, September 11, 2010

Out and About

Saturdays begin with a trip to the farmers' market. What a pleasant and sweet surprise to find local strawberries and raspberries in September!

So they got whipped up into a couple of very flavourful pies with just a little sugar and orange peel being the only additives.

With the pies in the oven, the Time Traveller and I headed off to Port Stanley with good people that we were lucky enough to meet on the other side of the world. The weather was not conducive to walks along the beach.

In any case, our specific destination was Mackies, a purveyor of fine beach food for 99 years. Their orangeade is made by boiling orange peel, so it must be healthy . . . it certainly tastes good.

Mackies is owned and operated by the same family that opened it almost a century ago. I chose the perch, but an eminent restauranteur informs me that the hotdogs are also worth the trip.


John said...

I'm sure you've heard of 'America on $10 a day' - how about using your posts for the basis of a book entitled 'Ontario on 1000 calories a day'


Anonymous said...

I can vouch for the flavour of the pies but, no about the calories