Saturday, May 28, 2011

Reaping and Sowing

Self-discipline is an act of cultivation. It requires you to connect today's actions to tomorrow's results. There's a season for sowing and a season for reaping. Self-discipline helps you know which is which.
Gary Ryan Blair

I looked northward this morning from the balcony and was sad to see a load of bricks and new walls being built on agricultural land. All government inspectors seem to be sleeping these days and it seems that when they do wake up the building owners will only have to pay a fine. Maybe.

Egypt is facing a food crisis and people are building on the good soil rather than in the desert. It has happened in the homeland too, with much of the Niagara fruit belt being built over. It defies logic -- and our well-being -- that's why it's sad.

But then I looked southward and through the palms I caught sight of an oxen team ploughing a field. Behind the oxen walked a man in a crisp white gallebeyya throwing seed into the furrows. My spirits lifted.

And behind them trod the donkey hauling the plank to cover the seed. Soon there will be green growth here. Although, that wall in the background is another example of the post-revolution building boom.

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