Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Colours of the Garden

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.
Gerard de Nerval

It is 8 P.M. in the homeland and my head is quite literally falling onto the computer as I try to compose this post. It's time for bed but I wanted to share the colours of the garden.

The colours that greeted me this morning were outstanding and even 'exotic' to my eye. The yellow lily possessed stripes, like a giraffe.

The lupins seemed so very tasty. Why is it that fuschia invokes my tastebuds?

Up close they look sooooo exotic.

And then there was the more subtle colour of the lilacs . . . yet their perfume was gloriously unsubtle. It filled the air with aroma.


Anonymous said...

... but where oh where did you find these stems of exotic beauty in the Frankfurt airport.

I am currently in Montreal til Sunday then to Toronto for a day before I head home on June 6.

Here is my first day Montreal tale:

People would wait for the light to change …. where was the cosmopolitan city I saw in ’67 as a impressionable 16 year old?

Leaving my hotel on 1 Rue René Levesque Est, past the strip clubs, lingerie shops (always a definite turn off for an 'au naturele' guy) and walking for over an hour, past the Place des Arts on Rue St –Catherines, all the big fashion stores, on-street cafés, people, people, people, all very ‘right’, Indigo’s for a French Phrase book, up to McGill and back on Rue Sherbrooke – I recognized the Hilton we stayed in when we came to see Chris in 199?, or did we? So, east down Sherbrooke I went (packed yogurt, juice, apples at a corner store - for the morning – plus two beers, all into my bag – its good for that) until I reached what seemed like the ‘non-corporate’ activity I had sought along the northern strip of Rue St Laurent.
Though I felt no hunger (my stomach has shrunk ), it was 7pm (Edm. Time), I still could not find that elusive restaurant that felt right for at least another eight blocks.

It was a great busy street with great ‘goings on’(quote: Templeton the rat in 'Charlottee's Web). It felt like home since it was the same ‘Rue’ as my Hotel (and a lot like Whyte Ave.) - though much(!) further south. ‘Cabane’ was its name, with beer on tap, a bread ‘up front’ – THIS WAS IT! The 220 lb waitress in a mini was motherly, spoke a friendly ‘anglais’, served me two pints, a good turbot fish with salad, a glass of good house red and a ‘crème carmel’ (all for $30.-, w/o tax or tip). Sitting on the ‘Rue’ , warm 20º, roller blades going down the hill – against traffic on the ‘one way’ street – women with short dresses on bikes with a full packsack on their backs, big woolly dogs - passive while ‘she and he’ dined (at the same on-street establishment as I) I knew Montreal had not changed – what a relief!. So I stayed, till 11 (9pm Edm. Time) – then walked down St Laurent – after paying my ‘full-fitting’ waitress of course – past the gaiety, sex shops, a mild proposition, and lingerie reality had definitely set in and pulled me down to street level. So up to my room I went, with its full 5ft x 5ft wall mirror beside the bed (double the pleasure I guess). Packed my fridge with yogurt, apples, oranges and juice + the beer and … and set about thinking of ….

now it gets personal ...

- so will we see you this summmer? In any case thehouse and its 100 year old guardian is always available!!

todays word - 'tamptin'

Shari said...

What an 'aventure francais'! Your ode to Montreal is very 'tamptin'. Amuse-toi bien! -- with Google's help, I can sound very cultured. ;-)

Not yet sure of travel plans but this time will be sure arrange dates so that we get to see one another! And before the snow flies . . . so I guess that means before September 12th. ;-)

I look forward to it!

Anonymous said...

the flowers were in my garden which Shari happen not to mention:-))
Her Dad

Anonymous said...

I forgot how much I miss lupines. The California ones don't look like this. Beautiful garden Aunt & Uncle.