Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Lucky Day!

Give luck a chance to happen.
Tom Kite, American golfer

Four of my numbers came up on the Friday-the-13th draw so I'm $20 richer . . . if you don't count the $40 I've spent over the past two months buying weekly tickets. I know the odds are against me ever winning the lottery, but if I don't buy a ticket how will I know if I'm lucky? How's that for logic? I should go right out and buy another ticket because today I've been twice-lucky. Out of the blue, Cat let me clip her nails -- on one paw. She had watched me clip my own nails and let me reach over to do hers. WOW! This is a major feat! A feat that may mean a lot less stress for both of us and money in the bank for me if we don't need to make monthly visits to the vet for manicures. Fingers and toes are crossed that my luck continues and she'll let me work on the other paw tomorrow.

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