Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Curative Waters

Water has a unique curative property which is not found in any other liquid. Adequate intake of water drives out the toxins from our body and make the body healthy.
The Rigveda, ancient Hindu hymns (1700-1100 B.C.)

I tried my best to update my Travel Tuesdays blog with a post from an Underground Railroad safe house located a few kilometres from the family homestead, but dense foliage and "No Parking" signs thwarted me so the visit will wait for another day when a long walk from the nearest parking spot won't seem so daunting.

The drive did take us into the countryside along tree-covered Sulfur Springs and Mineral Springs roads, bringing us to the eponymous sulfur spring. Data inscribed on the plaque states that one gallon of this water contains 15.77 cubic inches of sulphretted hydrogen in addition to a whole lot of salts, said to have curative powers that can be bottled and taken home from this roadside fountain. I demurred, thinking Dad wouldn't want the stinky stuff in his car, as he kept the windows rolled up as I took my photos.

And speaking of curative waters, take a look at this extraordinary art installation by Liz Ingram.
Photo by Bernd Hildebrandt
I feel energized just looking at a small photo; it must be breathtaking seeing it in its full-scale grandeur. The story behind Confluence Through the Looking Glass can be read here and be sure to watch the video of the installation of this huge image full of exuberant energy.

10 P.M. Update: I'm going to need some of that exuberant energy to do some extra reps at the gym following tonight's baking.

Mom and I are invited to a pot-luck dinner tomorrow night and we're taking Beta version of the jello-topped lemon pie that we created a couple of weeks ago. The new and improved version features fresh raspberries and blackberries under the strawberry glaze. Fingers crossed that it tastes as good as it looks.

And we couldn't leave dear ol' Dad with no pie, the whimpers would be heart-breaking, so a traditional lemon meringue pie awaits his dinnertime. He might share if his grandson came to visit. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I guess I will just have to salivate over the pie and as I await the travel tues.

must get Dinis to try this pie.


Anonymous said...

It seems your pie was so good that it was not shared with the grandson when he came to visit.

Maybe he needs a pie of his own