Friday, June 10, 2011

Robin's Cheer

Stay, little cheerful Robin! stay, 
And at my easement sing, 
Though it should prove a farewell lay 
And this our parting spring. 
Then, little Bird, this boon confer, 
Come, and my requiem sing, 
Nor fail to be the harbinger 
Of everlasting spring.
William Wordsworth

Returning home at the end of a long workweek, rain saturated the view from the windshield yet the robin's red breast blazed through the drizzle and fatigue to bring a smile bright as the robin's song.


  1. For over a decade we've had robins come into the house for food (cheese !) The message obviously gets passed on from generation to generation. Each year the behavior pattern is the same - cautious at first but then they ALWAYS end up coming into kitchen. This year we've been especially privileged - both male and female are coming in! I hate to think what their blood cholesterol level is...but they seem to thrive on the diet. These two paired up in early January and have been 'eating in' ever since.