Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grandma's Garden

I remember Grandma's garden
The beauty and the grace
Of all the lovely flowers
In that dear, sweet place
I remember Grandma's smile
As she planted, pruned, and tilled
Laboring with love and laughter
As this world with joy she filled
I remember Grandma's patience
When we ran amid the flowers
With her beauty all around us
We would spend those precious hours
I remember Grandma's garden
And I'm happy in the knowing
That when she knelt there in the soil
It wasn't just flowers she was growing.
Erin Kilmer, "Grandma's Garden", copyright 2004

Flowers have sprouted up naturally as a blog post theme over the past week and it continues today as I cleared drawers and came across a photo taken many summers ago in my Grandma's garden. Preserved by her Brownie camera are her beloved roses, the pink flamingo that I remember well and, lo and behold, even a couple of her elves had maneuvered themselves poolside from her elaborately tiered rock garden that seemed magical in its shaded and secluded corner.

Another photo celebrates four generations of the female line in our family. It's nice to look back on photos full of smiles. And, yes, purple and gold are still favourite colours -- but I don't wear them together anymore. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Your peonies made me think of Grandma's garden earlier this week. Thank you for posting these. Her rock garden really was magical. And I'd love a copy of this last photo....I think I recognize the littlest MacFarlane.


Anonymous said...

Wow, look like shots from "Wonderful years":D