Friday, August 5, 2022

Strada non dritto | Indirect path

Choosing one path implies giving up the other. Those who want to go anywhere get nowhere.

Mario Furlan, Italian life coach

As I munched away on my lunch plate of various, delicious cold Italian vegetables, I noted the Philosophy Calendar atop the display case. The word 'Strada' (road/path) stood out for me -- I suppose just because I am on the road. I should have paid attention to the full meaning of the quotation.

Had I paid attention, it may have foretold potential challenges as I ventured onto a local bus headed into the countryside in search of a vineyard. I had some of idea of where I was heading but thought it wise to enlist the help of the bus driver to ensure I got off at the right stop. 

Unfortunately, his help left me a good five km beyond where I should be. Being somewhat at a loss as to what I should do, I went into the bar beside the bus stop and in very poor Italian explained I had a "small problem". A kind gentleman having lunch at the bar set me on the right path to catch the next bus heading in the opposite direction. I ran into him two more times on Bus 21. I was most fortunate to happen upon someone who knew the bus route firsthand (may I say, unlike the bus driver?). 

With this help, I arrived at the correct stop, at this nondescript corner with a small sign pointing me in the direction of the Masi vineyard where I had booked a tour. Yes, it does appear to be in the middle of nowhere.

Nevertheless, the adventure opened up beautiful landscapes full of grapes, ancient residences and a lot of light industrial construction along the route.

And the tour introducing Masi's wine-making process and the tasting session were well worth the adventure.

My non-straight path did in the end lead to the vineyard owned by Dante's descendants (only in Italy!). Dropping the great philosopher's name reminds me that I was walking through an Inferno of 42C today. Our guide mentioned that the extreme heat and drought conditions mean that the grapes might be harvested in two weeks time . . . much earlier than normal.

Tomorrow, I think I will keep my feet planted in Verona. Buona notte!

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  1. You'll be pleased to know that your first bus driver has been permanently assigned to routes across the River Styx in the Fourth Circle... Your Travel Tribulations certainly reaped a rich reward, althoughI'm guessing that a midnight gelato WASN'T on the agenda this evening ;0)