Sunday, November 25, 2018

Wrapping Up another Wrapped Up

When it rains,
you should pour.
Unknown wino

The Three Winos didn't let the weather dampen our spirits when the ever-changing temperatures allotted us a rainy Saturday for our annual Wrapped Up in the Valley tour. Twenty Valley's wineries warmed our bellies with good food and our souls with good wine. Our friends at Kacaba with Zooma caterers presented yet another winning combination with a pulled pork crostini and their 2016 Cabernet-Sauvignon. 

We definitely intend to cook up a pot of the spicy chili following 13th Street's recipe.

Stoney Ridge also served up delicious comfort-in-a-bowl.

Greenlane Estate Winery can be counted on to serve a fresh, mouth-tingling combo. We wanted seconds of their jalapeno chicken wings -- so we need to get cooking!

The pumpkin cupcakes at Henry of Pelham are swoon-worthy. I would never have thought to pair a dessert with a red but their Gamay works. S-I-L tried to coax the chef to let us buy a half dozen delectables for the convivial family gathering that followed our wine tour but alas we must wait we bake up our own batch.

I am looking forward to today's pairings and the ever-warm camaraderie of the Three Winos on tour.
Stay tuned!

6 p.m. Update

The Three Winos have returned to their dens well satiated. The day began with The Foreign Affair Winery's Cabernet Sauvignon. While extremely good, we are looking forward to receiving their Apologetic Red that will be launched December 8.

Harbour Estates Winery topped their Cremy Butternut Soup with sour cream laced with Vidal Icewine. Yum!

The presentation and flavour of Vineland Estates' pairing of Pork Belly Tacos with their Unoaked Chardonnay marked one of the high points of this year's Wrapped Up passport.

At our final stop we raised our glasses to another great Wrapped Up discovery tour, which launches us into the Christmas season with a pantry full of good cheer. Cincin!