Monday, August 8, 2022

Addio | Farewell

I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.

Mary Anne Radmacher

I spotted this painting in the collection of the Minischalchi-Erizzo family museum. The painter felt the need to explain, "The game, the woman, and the chilled wine, make the man drunk while laughing." I am supposing there is a moral here against wine, women and games (particularly as the boy seems to have a hand in the man's money pouch); however, I have enjoyed a very good time here in Verona with amazing wines, awesome food and great entertainment so I think we should all indulge just a little. :-)

The museum gives a glimpse into the private home of a noble Veronese family. The Minischalchi-Erizzo family lived here for five centuries until 1977. I happened upon it only because all other museums in Verona are closed on Mondays. I loved walking across the floors that 'creaked with history'.

In the afternoon I took a chance on Bus 21 again and headed back into the vineyards. Different driver. And I did not ask for assistance.

Thankfully, my goal was easily reached this time. It is quite an experience to push a button and have the security gates open. It opens into a different world. Eden perhaps.

Turns out the winery was supposed to be closed to visitors this week but the very kind Frederico Fumanelli provided a personal tour and wine tasting. His family produces small quantities of exceptional wine following on ancient tradition: Augustus' family produced wine here (you see the name Octavian on the stele). He would have a lot more statuary around the villa if not for being occupied by the Germans followed by the Americans in WWII. The latter enjoyed their time so much that they did not vacate the land until the 1960s when Frederico's father was able to return and restart production after the war years. What stories! Frederico has spent a few years in Toronto, returning home at the onset of the pandemic. The conversation flowed and two hours passed quickly.

Over the past week, I have met many friendly people and been treated to many fine experiences. Everything seemed to culminate with my visit to the Fumanelli estate. This was a fine end to a great vacation.

Tomorrow, I begin the return travel home. 
Farewell, fair Verona. Grazie mille di tutto!


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