Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Scrappy Weekend

When life throws you scraps, make a quilt.
A quilter

Quilters are quite proud of themselves when they use fabric from their "stash", probably because it assuages any guilt for having a closet full of beautiful yardage purchased without a particular project in mind. Using the stash also inherently carries with it the permission to buy more fabric. This is all very logical if you are a quilter. ;-) Mom and I also keep bits and pieces that 'may be useful one day'. Today was one of those days.

I plan to host the quilting ladies for lunch and had the 'bright' idea that I should create quilted invitations -- an idea conceived in conjunction with a recent article about quilted postcards. So I rummaged through my stash and the bag of bits and started making the fronts for what will be 4" X 6" invitations.

The project has challenged my (poor) mathematical skills as I struggled to remember to add in seam allowances and keep the sum total of all the pieces within the invitation's overall size. Even with those frustrations, I couldn't have been happier passing the time creating these little quilts. A few more tops need to be made and then I will layer them with the batting and the invitation particulars that have been printed onto fabric sheets with an InkJet printer. Once finished, they will be nice little mats for the ladies' tea and coffee cups.


Anonymous said...

What a brilliant idea! You are one very clever lady. I'm sure your quilting ladies will be quite impressed.
A. S.

Anonymous said...

Now for a few authentic coffee rings and you are set. Quite dazzling.