Saturday, February 8, 2014

Wintery Sunrise

Laughter is the sun that drives away the winter from the human face.
Victor Hugo, French poet, novelist and dramatist (1802-1885)

With last weekend's snow and the week's pre-dawn commutes to work, today marked my first opportunity to bask in the glory of the Sun shining in my living room window. Sunshine has been so elusive that it appeared positively exotic infiltrating my mashrabeyya screen. What a wonderful surprise to wake up to! It made my morning coffee taste all the better and it made my new abode feel all the more homey.


John said...

What a lovely juxtaposition of imagery - an object from a very warm climate getting its first view of snow…

Anonymous said...

... all that is missing is a call to prayer ... though I can just about hear it ... your warmth spread far ... to the crispy sunny west