Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Perfect Nonsense

Perfect nonsense goes on in the world. Sometimes there is no plausibility at all.
Nikolai Gogol, Ukrainian-born Russian dramatist (1809-1852) in The Nose

Elmo floated high above, caught in the airport terminal's rafters, as Jimmy Buffett sang out "Wastin' away again in Margaritaville . . ." over the public address system. What reality am I in?

It was such a surreal experience in an otherwise mundane wait for a VIP to arrive and be escorted to his hotel. Thank goodness for these moments of perfect nonsense.

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Anonymous said...

… may the 'Nonsense' be with you …

there was recently a talk show on CBC that featured a man who had gone to on become a lawyer while not knowing he was deaf (he wrote a book about it) - but anyway thats not what was important - he introduced me to 'Lyricals' - those things' you thought you heard but that were not actually said - though often more interesting. He talked about talking in 'lyricals'. So there is my inspiring nonsense story for the day.
The words below are getting better again - but maybe its because I can't quite decipher them:
linkeer much