Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thankful It's Over

There are good days and there are bad days, and this is one of them.
Lawrence Welk, American musician (1903-1992)

Some days I count but one blessing: thank God it's over! Today's trauma, and drama, involved Cat and her manicure. We tried, for the first time, to soothe her manicure angst with a little pill. However, it seems that Cat's constitution is stronger than a little pill. It did have some affect . . . two hours after we returned home from the vet's office. By then I needed a little pill to soothe my guilt-ridden angst of seeing Cat staggering about and meowing at her befuddled brain. As I write this post at day's end, Cat lies curled up beside me, sleeping off the pill and the day, and I'm thankful for her warm furry presence . . . and for the day's end.

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