Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ever-Present, Unseen Spirit

Some souls think that the Holy Spirit is very far away, far, far, up above. Actually he is, we might say, the divine Person who is most closely present to the creature. He accompanies him everywhere. He penetrates him with himself. He calls him, he protects him. He makes of him his living temple. He defends him. He helps him. He guards him from all his enemies. He is closer to him than his own soul. All the good a soul accomplishes, it carries out under his inspiration, in his light, by his grace and his help.
The Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida, Mexican mystic (1862-1937)

Pinwheels demonstrated for the children that even though our breath is unseen, it exists. So, too, the unseen Holy Spirit permeates our being. It is the Spirit within that urges us to care for the earth, to reach out a helping hand to the poor, to comfort the brokenhearted and console all who mourn, to forgive our enemies, and to embody hope. Yet the sermon reminded that the Spirit does not demand us to accomplish great feats beyond our capability; sometimes we simply need to bring a cup of tea to a colleague having a tough day.

We are a diminishing congregation but the stone walls of our church reverberated and hearts soared as we sang today's closing hymn, known by its choral affirmation, "Here I Am Lord". Our experience is mirrored in the video below, filmed in the ancient Hexham Abbey in Northumberland, England.


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