Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quilts in Bloom

If you give a woman a quilt, you warm her for the winter. If you teach a woman to quilt, you warm her soul for life.

There seems to be something about rain and quilt shows. Just as the Saturday of the Binbrook quilt show, it poured rain today; but no matter: it was cheerful and dry indoors as the Hamilton Quilters Guild presented its "Quilts in Bloom" quilt show. Such an event happens only once every three years, so everyone eagerly awaits the exhibition, and I can see why: the quilts are stunning, the demonstrations are insightful, and the vendors have bins upon bins of wonderful fabrics. My head was spinning with all kinds the ideas for my next quilt and I came home with a stack of lovely Japanese florals to piece together. I'm inspired! My soul is warmed. Thanks, Mom. Now I must finish the two quilts that are currently under my needle. Stay tuned. ;-)

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