Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Travels of the Inexplicable

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.
Tim Cahill, American travel writer

The day began with a lovely walk through a misty graveyard with the Time Traveller . . . don't ask me to try to explain our relationship. ;-)

Driving along misty highways, I then met a friend and we wandered the main street of old Elora, a picturesque, nineteenth-century town set along the Grand River.

Along our route we opened many doors into numerous boutiques, a French creperie, and a patisserie, all the while chatting, getting caught up on the news. C'est bon!

The town is caught up in Halloween spirit, sometimes in an odd sort of way as with this mermaid taking her shark for a walk. Don't ask me to try to explain. ;-)


  1. It's simple - sharks get a bad press these days, so what better way to integrate them into the community than by taking one for a walk...and who could be better suited to do this than another inhabitant of the underwater realm...


    BTW - I LOVE image #2

  2. More beautiful doors. I agree, #2 is breathtaking.