Monday, October 10, 2011

Halcyon Day

There are days which occur in this climate, at almost any season of the year, wherein the world reaches its perfection, when the air, the heavenly bodies, and the earth, make a harmony, as if nature would indulge her offspring; . . . when everything that has life gives signs of satisfaction, and the cattle that lie on the ground seem to have great and tranquil moments. These halcyons may be looked for with a little more assurance in that pure October weather, which we distinguish by the name of Indian Summer.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American poet (1803-1882)

A beautifully clear and warm Indian summer day shone down on the annual Thanksgiving weekend Artfest in Vineland as we enjoyed hours browsing the artisans' tents . . . ok, if truth be told, perhaps we did more than browse. ;-)

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John said...

..."browse..." perhaps followed by "drowse" on account of the things sampled whilst browsing ?


We just had an 'Indian Summer' - about 3 days where the temperatures hit 28~29 deg C - and then back to Autumn