Tuesday, August 9, 2011

St. Jacobs Excursion

A day spent with a friend is a memory made.

The rain poured down but it didn't dampen the spirits of a friend and I as we chatted for hours  wandering through the shops of the centuries-old, Mennonite village of St. Jacobs that I haven't visited since my university days, dare I say, more than a quarter-century ago. It is such an enjoyable excursion, rain or shine, that I hope to visit again before another 25 years pass.

We hardly noticed when the rain stopped and the sky cleared but I was thankful for the change because it made the drive home a true pleasure.


  1. The second image brings back memories of a journey from Banff to Edmonton and a certain traffic cop who was denied fulfillment of his daily quota of 'victims' by a certain lady driver who was VERY sure of her rights...


  2. . . . and the time that the Time Traveller was pulled over by a Mountie named "Sir" on the road from Banff to Calgary; and that after we woke up to a moose at our balcony. Good times. :-)