Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Road Trip

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
Confucius, Chinese philosopher (551–479 BC)

Southern Ontario scenery in the summertime is majestic, even with rain falling, even from a perspective over the steering wheel, even from one of the nation's busiest highways. I thoroughly enjoyed today's outing to lunch with Cairo friends. En route I wandered a little off the highway to find Canada's oldest operating flour mill, to be featured on a Travel Tuesdays post after I try my hand at baking with the purchased spelt. There are 'firsts' for me around every corner!


John said...

Spelt 'tip' - you may find that using 100% spelt results in a heavy and dense loaf. I use a 50:50 mix of spelt and unbleached white (from Redbournbury Mill). I would guess the mill you mention offers unbleached, but if you can't get it then supermarket strong white will be fine.

Happy eating !

Shari said...

Thanks for the tip! The mill provided a recipe for spelt bread that only uses spelt, so I'll be heeding your advice. You are a man of myriad talents!

John said...

...thank you !!
I was due to give a presentation about the NHM to a group of students and the colleague who was chairing the session described me in his into. as 'multi-dimensional'

I think he was referring to my waistline...