Saturday, August 30, 2014

Applique Anodyne

I am certain that a Sewing Machine would relieve as much human suffering as a hundred Lunatic Asylums, and possibly a good deal more.
Margaret Atwood, Canadian author in Alias Grace

When I can, I enjoy sewing after dinner. I find it very relaxing to concentrate on the stitches. The cares and stresses of the day are forgotten. A new project that Mom and I have undertaken has me learning how to applique. While there is room for improvement (always), I am quite happy with the results of this first attempt. The bass, completed this evening, arises from a pattern by McKenna Ryan called "Something Fishy". Beautiful batik fabrics provide such a lovely palette and now I am going to try my hand at 'painting' my very own applique fish. Stay tuned.


  1. Wow! It looks incredible! Congrats. I am looking forward to seeing the finished piece. It is obvious that you are truly 'hooked' on quilting.

  2. Beautiful !

    Inspired by the 'Felt Corner Shop' perhaps...?

  3. For those who have not heard of the "Felt Corner Shop", visit Spitalfields Lane, London:

  4. Your endeavors really are inspiring.pmc