Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking Backward and Forward

NEW year, forth looking out of Janus’ gate,
Doth seem to promise hope of new delight:
And, bidding th’ old Adieu, his passed date
Bids all old thoughts to die in dumpish spright;
And, calling forth out of sad winter’s night
Fresh Love, that long hath slept in cheerless bower,
Wills him awake, and soon about him dight
His wanton wings and darts of deadly power.
For lusty Spring now in his timely hour
Is ready to come forth, him to receive;
And warns the earth with divers-coloured flower
To deck herself, and her fair mantle weave.
      Then you, fair flower! in whom fresh youth doth reign,
      Prepare yourself new love to entertain.
Edmund Spenser, English poet (1552?–1599) in Amoretti and Epithalamion. Sonnet IV. "New year, forth looking out of Janus’ gate"

Alas, I did not celebrate the New Year in my little abode due to a mishap during installation of the granite countertop. I am taking Michelangelo's philosophy to the creation of a masterpiece: "It will be done when it is done."

Nevertheless, I have begun to unpack boxes. As each box is opened, my mind ventures along the intersecting paths of memories. Today's 'find' of Portmeirion tea cups purchased at the Kew Gardens gift shop 20 years ago had me smiling as my mind traveled from the Gardens to a little house in Fishbourne and its kindly gent with his own impressive collection to an ancient church and even more ancient mosaics. The journey launched by a tea cup took me on a lovely ramble through past pleasures.

And like the two-headed god Janus, who looks backward and forward at the same time, my tea cups joined with recent acquisitions on a shelf made ready for a new future in my little abode.

Like Janus, I am smiling looking in both directions.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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John said...

"Domani" probably appeared frequently in Michelangelo's vocabulary too... :0)

Happy memories indeed...thank you for keeping them alive !

Happy New Year