Friday, November 15, 2013

My Little Sacred Space

The kitchen is a sacred space.
Marc Forgione, American chef

"What is a sacred space? At its most basic, it is a place which invites the contemplation of divine mystery, and encourages an attitude of spiritual openness."* For me, the kitchen certainly fits the bill as a sacred place where I can commune with the bountiful gifts of creation, perhaps sharing the joy with loved ones or just with my inner self.

Tingles of excitement rippled through me when I stopped by my little abode and found the carpenter working to install the kitchen's cabinetry. My dream is becoming reality. Shwaya, shwaya.** Next week the appliances will be delivered and the granite people will come to measure. Just maybe I will be settled in time for Christmas. Stay tuned.

*Definition found on the website for Santa Barbara Sacred Spaces.
**There are times when the lessons learned in my beloved Egypt prove most helpful to life in Canada.

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