Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Friendship Quilt

A quilt for a friend says what words cannot.

My apologies for the scarcity of posts over the past few weeks. Besides the Monday to Friday commute and work routine, my weekends have been a blur of activity with shopping trips for necessary odds and ends to bring the flat together, ever so slowly.

But I did have the pleasure this week of meeting up with a good friend for dinner and giving her the quilt that I made to wrap her in cheery florals. Kaffe Fassett's fabrics are over the top and inspire outrageous positivity. Life blooms in technicolor even in the greys of November.

Little quotations* are scattered throughout the quilt's garden. Considering that I completed the quilt at the end of August with the intention of delivering it to its intended in early September, this quotation is particularly appropriate: True friends are never far apart . . . maybe in distance, but not in heart.

*For anyone looking for similar quotations, check out the numerous options available at Block Party Studios.


John said...

That is SUPERB - a truly beautiful creation !!

Anonymous said...


Liz taught this summer with Ruth Issett a textile artist from the UK. Her main interest was colour. THough your intensity of colour and Mayan stitching is stunning!

Wonderful lady and a great teacher. Check out:

Todays word is "Viaryi"

Shari said...

Thank you for sharing the links to Ruth Issett's beautiful work. Her colours and textures emanate joy and excitement. Inspirational!

Anonymous said...

Its beautiful Shari!!!!