Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gifts of Love

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself.
Jean Anouilh, French playwright (1910-1987)

S-I-L puts so much love into her home, particularly at Christmas time. It is a gift of herself to her family that we treasure as we gather together to celebrate Christmas.

S-I-L mentioned that she needed some cotton bags to protect her purse collection and I figured I could make some muslin bags and dress them up with some creative applique, a few buttons and other bits of trim. It was a fun Christmas project and now she'll have the best dressed purses in the closet.

Mom and I began working on a labour of love for the grandson/nephew back in the summer. For the Star Wars fan we created a unique quilt (I think) that has been a really fun partnership. I've wanted to share our work on the blog as it progressed, but couldn't . . . otherwise it wouldn't have been a surprise!

The traditional 'Garden Path' pattern takes on a futuristic spaceship look with the fabric we found. We had quite a time piecing snippets of fabric together so that the 'windows' onto space presented a cohesive appearance and I think we did a pretty fine job of it. What's really cool is that the constellations and planets will glow in the dark of the recipient's 'man cave'.

We found some perfect fabric for the quilt's reverse side. As a snowstorm blusters outside, it's our hope that when wrapped up in it, the quilt and the love that went into making it will warm body and soul.

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Anonymous said...

That was an amazing project that you and your Mom undertook. I'm sure the recipient will realize that you have wrapped him with your love.
The purse bags are a novel idea. You may have started a new business for yourself.
Aunt S