Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Magical, Mysterious Mashrabeyya

Protect your brother's privacy for what he knows of you. 
Arab Proverb 

We unpacked a little bit of Cairo today and now the sunlight coming in the front window is filtered by a lovely wooden lattice screen, called mashrabeyya. The balconies of Cairo's medieval houses have exquisite mashrabeyya screens that kept out the hot sunshine but allowed in cooling breezes. It also provided privacy from the inquisitive eyes of neighbours and strangers, yet allowed for a good view out to the action on the street. Described as, "Delicate and beautiful, like silken masks drawn discreetly across the faces of comely maidens, they came to symbolize the legendary mystery of the Orient" (The Magic of Mashrabeyias), I'm happy to gaze upon a little bit of the Cairene magic here in the homeland.

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John said...

Love that proverb...I wonder if that Nice Mr.Zuckerberg is amongst your readers...?