Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Clearing Skies

Afflictive emotions - our jealousy, anger, hatred, fear - can be put to an end. When you realize that these emotions are only temporary, that they always pass on like clouds in the sky, you also realize they can ultimately be abandoned. 
 The 14th Dalai Lama (b. 1935)

With the necessary documents tucked under my windbreaker as protection from the rain, we entered the Canada Customs building at Toronto Airport. The long journey of our household goods from Luxor to their new home nears its end, but I was anxious that something could still go wrong and the morning's rain only served to reinforce the anxiety. But with all the paperwork in order, within 15 minutes we were in and out of the building bearing the customs clearance stamp. Ilhumdulila!

Exiting the building we noticed that the clouds had cleared and there were blue skies above. How else to interpret the weather change except as a heavenly message?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. May this transition soon be completed. We are closer to making our transition. Anxiety is rising for me.

Shari said...

Take deep breaths and keep one notebook full of the various to-do lists . . . oh, and a bottle of wine also helps. Good Luck!