Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Orange Day

Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.
Wassily Kandinsky, Russian painter and art theorist (1866–1944)

Popping out of bed and running to get my camera from the living room, I was in time to catch the Sun rise just above the horizon on a day clear enough that I could see the mountains that border the Nile valley on one side and dive into the Red Sea on the other.

Looking up from my email before 6:30AM, I caught the colourful balloon sailing by. Even after three years, the sight of balloons never fails to excite me.

And just about 12 hours later, I caught the setting Sun from my rooftop perch. It was definitely an orange day. Orange is my favourite colour. Other favourites are red, yellow, blue, and green. ;-)


Anonymous said...

May I share a poem I wrote some time ago about colour:

Yellow, Blue, Red

Yellow is the illusion
of bright light
given to dissolve
slender tight
the line
as blue turns green
and red to orange

Blue the distant
carpet surface
placid as thought
solvent as dreams
that yellow with age
turning green to brown
and red to purple

Red is for keeping
beneath the skin
when it escapes
attracting wasps
bulls and lovers
as yellow sizzles
and blue glows

Oh .. to see the egyptian sun .. forever immortal ... not like other sons ...

todays words:dicatio eciptio

Shari said...

Beautiful poem!