Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Cookie with History

A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.

Girl Guide cookies are a favourite around the old homestead and have a pretty long history here considering that I sold them as a wee Brownie. Ever since that time I have always questioned which to take first: a chocolate or a vanilla. These two have been the standard Girl Guide cookies since 1953 with various other varieties being sold since 1927 and chocolate mint being introduced in 1995. I admit to a preference for the vanilla cream but learned early on that I don't like to eat all the vanilla first thereby leaving a line of chocolate in the box, and so I developed the strategy of taking one from each side of the box to maintain a balance. That's my balanced diet. ;-)


Anonymous said...

ah enjoying the competition. Kids here sell popcorn for scouts. I miss the girlguide cookies...pmc.

John said...

You may find this helpful in your struggle to maintain 'balance'...


Shari said...

Popcorn is tasty but it's not in the same league as Girl Guide cookies. Are there no cookies in the West? They are hard to find around here -- not like the 'old' days when we sold door-to-door across the whole city on a Saturday morning. Now you need to know someone with a garage full of boxes. ;-)

Thanks for the news story John. It supports my diet perfectly! ;-)